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Juell Cosmetics is the brand of my business Selma Juell Breen. Selma Juell Breen is me, and I run Juell Cosmetics alone. I started up Juell Cosmetics Ub last year with two classmates in an elective called entrepreneurship. This was a school assignment. The youth business was discontinued, as a part of the aasignment. But, I chose to continue with my business and my vision. I have submitted a coordinated register notification for the establishment of a sole proprietorship in the brønnesundsregisteret.

My brand is based on being inclusive, creative and spreading a good message. My products are for every age and genders. I want my products to help you to be in touch with your feminine side. I want my products to make you feel beautiful and confident.

Juell Cosmetics sells cruelty free and homemade cosmetic products of good quality and price. Animal welfare is an important value for me and my company. Therefore, is mye products cruelty free. We don`t support animal tested products. The products and ingredients used for our products are prodused by TKB Trading. They have a written statement regarding their cruelty free products.

«We hereby confirm that the color additives we sell have not been the subject of animal testing for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of this company since 12/31/1990. We regularly contact our suppliers and ask for updated Animal Non-Testing Declarations in order to keep this statement current. Some of our ingredients are animal derived and we attempt to make that clear on our website. Examples include beeswax, lanolin, silk powder and pearl powder and any color additive containing carmine. However, animal testing is not conducted on these materials. As the ingredients have been safely sold for over 50 years in the coloring of foods, drugs and cosmetics, additional testing on animals or otherwise is not required.

TKB Trading, LLC has not commissioned or performed any animal testing to evaluate product safety on any of these colorant products, ever.

Kaila Westerman


TKB Trading, LLC»

Juell Cosmetics

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